Project Blue Book case No. 10270


Electrogravitic-propulsion spacecraft,
sighted on March 23, 1966.

   In the early Wednesday’s morning on March 23, 1966, William Eddie Laxson was driving to work as usual. He was working as an electrical engineer / electronics instructor at Sheppard Air Force Base since 1951. Approximately 10 minutes after he left his home in Temple town, Oklahoma, he turned right on U.S. Highway 70 towards Randlett, passed the farmhouse on his left, and was forced to stop the car, because in the middle of the road was parked a 75 feet (23 meters) long spacecraft! The time was 5:05 a.m.

   Yes, you read right. The landed machine was not an airplane or a helicopter, it was a spacecraft with electrogravitic-propulsion, having no wings, no propellers, no visible external engines, and no control surfaces apart from the small horizontal stabiliser at the rear. In his report for Project Blue Book, Mr Laxson described the craft as “conventional C-124 aircraft without wings or motors“. Eddie Laxson was very familiar with conventional aircraft. He had over 8,000 flying hours in a single-engine aircraft — mostly as flight instructor, and he had taught an aircraft identification course at the University of Arkansas in 1942! In short, Eddie Laxson was the perfect, credible witness.

3-D rendition of the sighting, courtesy of Michael Schratt & Tom Bogan

Project Blue Book 10270

The original sketch drawn by Eddie Laxson for the Blue Book report

Blue Book Report page 3_Sketch

Map of the event’s location


   Read on, the complete Project Blue Book report and the news article, published in The Lawton Constitution, on Thursday, March 24, 1966 are included at the end.

   After Eddie Laxson hit the brakes and stopped at approx. 50 yards (46 meters) from the “fish-shaped” spacecraft, he got out of the car, and started running towards the mystery craft. He saw a man (crew member or pilot?) standing next to the spacecraft. The man was dressed in green Air Force fatigue-type uniform, wore a baseball tan cap, and had chevrons on his sleeves. The man was about 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed about 180 pounds. Mr. Laxson was only 80 feet (24 meters) away, estimating the man’s age at about 30 and reported that the insignias on his sleeves looked like U.S. Air Force stripes.

   Significantly, Eddie Laxson noticed that the electrogravitic vehicle had the insignia TL 4138, or TL 4738, on its side. He quickly jolted down the numerals in the dirt at the edge of the roadway but couldn’t be certain of the second digit after returning to copy them on paper.  In the meantime, the mystery man (pilot?) bolted into the spacecraft, and took off. The machine went straight up for about 50 feet (15 meters) and without turning or banking accelerated to approximately 720 mph (1159 km/h), heading towards Red River. Eddie Laxson described the sound as “high-pitched electric drill”. When the electrogravitic vehicle rose in the air it seemed to have a magnetic effect on the hair on Laxson’s arms. (The reader, familiar with the Biefeld-Brown effect, the work of Thomas Townsend Brown, with his patents 300311, 2949550, and 3018394, and with the research work of Igor Witkowski won’t be surprised.)

Mr. Michael Schratt shared publicly his beautiful summary drawing

Michael AUTOCAD drawing

Below is the transcribed text of the newspaper article, published in The Lawton Constitution, describing two more witnesses of the TL4768 spacecraft:

Air Force Quizzes Temple Man
On ‘Flying Fish-Shaped Object’

TEMPLE — An electronics instructor said today the Air Force was interested in his story of a mysterious fish-shaped object and uniformed pilot which he said landed on U.S. 70 south of here early Wednesday morning.

William Eddie Laxson, 56, an instructor at Sheppard Air Force Base who commutes to Wichita Falls from his home in Temple, reported the incident.

He said he had been contacted by Air Force officials and had been asked to tell his story to a “Captain Reynolds.” He said he did not know who the officer was or what agency he represented.

Laxson said he saw the object, which he described as shaped like a perch, blocking the highway at 5:05 a.m. Wednesday while he was driving to work.

Laxson said the object, which he estimated to be 60 to 70 feet long and 10 to 12 feet high, was parked at a 45-degree angle on the highway.

He said a man dressed in what he called green Air Force fatigue-type clothing was standing beside it. He said the man wore a tan cap with the bill turned up and had chevrons on his sleeves.

The Temple man explained that he was approximately 50 yards from the object, which was well lighted. He said his car lights also were on.

Laxson, who said he has been an electronics instructor at Sheppard [Air Force Base] since 1951, said the man was about 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed about 180 pounds. He estimated the man’s age at about 30 and said the insignias on his sleeves looked like U.S. Air Force stripes.

The electronics instructor also said he had taught an aircraft identification course at the University of Arkansas in the early 1940s and could positively state the object was not a helicopter.

THE OBJECT stood on at least one “stem” and may have had more, Laxson said. The bottom of the object was about three feet off the ground, he reported. Laxson said he stopped his car, got out and started to run toward the object when he remembered he had a camera in his auto. As he went back to get the camera, the object took off, he said.

The aluminium-colored object went straight up for about 50 feet and without turning or banking went directly south toward Red River, the electronics instructor said.

Laxson said the object had no propeller and sounded like an electric drill while taking off.

LAXSON SAID he later talked to a truck driver who confirmed seeing the object while it was in the air.

Laxson reported the vehicle had the insignia TL 4138, or TL 4738, on its side. He said he quickly jolted down the numerals in the dirt at the edge of the roadway but couldn’t be certain of the second digit after returning to copy them on paper.

He told newsmen the chevrons appeared to curve or arch ontop. He thought the uniform had three chevrons up and three down.

LAXSON’S WIFE, Pearl, is a first grade teacher in Temple.

The instructor said the vehicle had four lights on its side. Two upper lights were aimed at the front and rear of the vehicle and the other two were focused on the ground, he said.

Laxson said the two aimed at the ground made a pattern which he described as a half-circle.

“The lights were the brightest and most brilliant I ever saw” he said.

Laxson said when the vehicle look off he couldn’t tell if the landing stems were retractable. When the vehicle rose in the air it seemed to have a magnetic effect on the hair on his arms, he said.

Laxson said that after the object left he got back in his auto and had driven about a half mile west of the sighting when he noticed a truck stopped at the edge of the roadway.

Laxson said he stopped, thinking the driver might be experiencing trouble.

THE DRIVER told Laxson he was not having mechanical trouble but had stopped because an object had been following him and he wanted to see what it was.

Laxson said the truck driver, C. W. Anderson, [of] Snyder, pointed to the object which was then travelling south.

Anderson works for Mangum Oil and Gas Co. of Mangum.

Anderson confirmed Wednesday that he had talked to Laxson and that he had sighted the object.

The truck driver said he had observed the object in his rear view mirror for some time. He said after he stopped his truck the object seemed to back off and settle down. This, apparently, was when the vehicle landed, he said.

ANDERSON said the object followed him at about the same speed for several miles.

The truck driver also said he had seen similar objects several times before. This was the first in about three months, he said.

Clyde Evans, Anderson’s employer, said the truck driver had been with the firm about 10 years.

Evans said other drivers on the same route had reported seeing strange objects.

Evans said Bob Stoll, also of Snyder, had reported Wednesday that he had driven a different route early Wednesday and also sighted a lighted flying object.

Evans said Stoll told him he was stopped at Junior’s Truck Stop, east of Waurika on U.S. 81, when he sighted the object near Hastings.

According to Evans, Stoll has seen the objects before. It was about 5:15 to 5:45 a.m. when he sighted the object Wednesday, Evans said.

THE AIR FORCE maintains silence on UFO sightings until a special investigating squad, known as “Project Blue Book,” checks out the incidents.

Since 1947, the squad has probed over 10,000 “flying saucer” incidents.

At least 647 of the incidents investigated remain unexplained, the Air Force has said. A tabulation covering the years 1953 to 1964 attributed 2,167 sightings to astronomical phenomena, 1,167 to aircraft, and 665 to balloons. Others were attributed to missiles and rockets and at least 226 were classed as “psychological.”

Project Blue Book report